Twitter nya sök-API inget för tredjepartsappar

november 25, 2014

We’re all just one compelling feature away from leaving our third-party apps on our own. For some of us, this full-archive search will be that feature. What’s next remains to be seen — I suspect direct-message enhancements may be — but I bet third-party clients will lose half of their users within two years without […]

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A love letter to Twitter

juni 4, 2014

“It’s a cliché in our tech industry that companies and founders start with a vision that includes the grandiose notion of changing the world. What Twitter has enabled, is enabling, and will continue to enable is nothing short of just that. As Biz says, Twitter is not a triumph of technology, it is a triumph of […]

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Just a note.

mars 23, 2011

You can now follow Cool Suffs on Twitter. Visit @_CoolStuffs and press the follow button.     Back to work. Posted via email from cool stuffs | Comment »

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