Competitive Hot-Dog Eaters Have Made America Great Again | FiveThirtyEight →

juli 8, 2016

 Yes, competitive eating is apparently as cerebral as it is masticatory. Controlling for breathing, water consumption, consuming the hot dog in a different way — all of these can lead to a massive competitive advantage. To see the profound effect creative thinking can have on the event, one must only look to Takeru Kobayashi, the Japanese phenom who managed to _double _the Nathan’s record in 2001 through a blend of stretches, train

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Tennis serve in slow motion

juli 2, 2015

At 6000 fps, you can see just how much the racquet flattens a tennis ball on the serve. Bollen är alltså tillfälligt helt platt under en serve. Inte konstigt det används så många bollar under en tennismatch.

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