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juni 4, 2016

Ludvig Holmberg: 2012, Paris. PSG ändrar sina parkeringsregler vid Camp des Loges. När Zlatan vill köra in genom huvudentrén blir han hänvisad till baksidan. – Sorry? – På baksidan, nuförtiden. Här är bara för personal, svarar vakten. – Open the door. – Sorry, det är inte möjligt. Då kliver Zlatan ur bilen och lämnar den […]

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juni 1, 2016

 Antarctic sea creatures have some amazing adaptations. Seawater here is below the freezing point of fresh water, so every marine animal needs a strategy for not turning into ice. Many fish (like the toothfish) have evolved special antifreeze proteins that latch on to incipient ice crystals and prevent them from growing. This makes life a pain in the ass for anyone trying to deep-freeze a toothfish, but since those people are mostly fishermen—the most hated visitors to the Ross Sea—no one s

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8 Days in North Korea — The Startup — Medium →

april 16, 2016

Erick Tseng rapporterar från Nordkorea: Me: So you have an App Store? Minder: Yes. Me: Awesome! Can I see it? Minder: No. Oops! At this point, I was afraid I had crossed one of the many invisible lines in North Korea, and accidentally stepped into an Off Limits Zone. Me: Oh, I’m sorry. Am I […]

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Moderna VHS

juli 5, 2015

Someone pretending to be a Parisian hipster who only watches VHS versions of modern shows & movies like Game of Thrones and Interstellar created these VHS covers as an April Fools joke. These are actually pretty great. (via subtraction) Modern day VHS

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George Washington’s Oh-So-Mysterious Hair

juli 3, 2015

That hair you’ve seen so many times on the dollar bill? That hair he’s got crossing the Delaware, standing by a cannon, riding a horse in those paintings? His hair on the quarter? On all those statues? The hair we all thought was a wig? Well, it wasn’t a wig. “Contrary to a common belief,” […]

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