Kanye West's Poem About McDonald's →

augusti 22, 2016

Jason Kottke:  Frank Ocean dropped his long-awaited album the other day and to go along with it, he gave away a magazine called Boys Don’t Cry for free at four pop-up locations in LA, NYC, Chicago, and London. Kanye West contributed to the album and magazine, penning a poem about McDonald’s for the latter. Here’s […]

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I Made You a Mixtape – MacStories →

juni 3, 2016

Federico Viticci:  In three months of Discover Weekly, I've discovered more new artists than I did in years of streaming services, including Apple Music. None of the artists I discovered with Spotify's mixtapes were ever recommended to me by Apple Music. They might as well not have existed. Discover Weekly brings joy into my life. […]

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Radiohead and PT Anderson Collaborate on Daydreaming →

maj 6, 2016

Jason Kottke: Let’s not bury the lede here…Radiohead’s new album will be out on Sunday, May 8th at 2pm ET. !!! The video is by Paul Thomas Anderson for Radiohead’s second single, Daydreaming. Why PT Anderson? Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood did the soundtrack for Anderson’s There Will Be Blood. Söndag? Det är ju snart!

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I’m Alive!

november 9, 2015

Jag har trott att bra ljud kan fås med en iPhone och de standardhörlurarna som följer med densamma. Jag har suttit där på bussen och trott att det är så här det ska låta, inte mer med det. Men ack så fel jag haft. För någon dag sedan så gjorde jag något lika ovanligt som […]

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How Much Is Music Really Worth?

augusti 23, 2015

How Much Is Music Really Worth?: nerdology: So much good stuff here. “In late 2013, Spotify disclosed an average per-stream payout to rights holders of “between $0.006 and $0.0084,” or less than a penny per play. Spotify has called per-stream averages a “highly flawed” way of looking at its value, saying that as more and […]

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