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april 11, 2016

Benjamin Morris:  First, to ensure that we’re celebrating the greatness of Messi and not the greatness of Barcelona, we need to make sense of Messi on Barcelona. The easiest way to do that is to evaluate Barcelona without Messi, also known as the Spanish national team. Inte den nyaste artikeln men fortfarande relevant. Det finns […]

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januari 25, 2012

<p><a href=”” class=”tumblr_blog”>afootballreport</a>:</p> Vintage Comic: Casillas wants to battle! With the Spanish press doing their best to verbally abuse José Mourinho and a generally overwhelming vibe ahead of tonight’s Clásico at Camp Nou, we thought we would lighten the mood with one of Jon Horner’s vintage comics that dates back to the World Cup. This […]

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