Guides and Technological Pace — the Brooks Review →

augusti 26, 2016

Ben Brooks:  Why are medical records still pulled up on a large laptop, a desktop in the exam room, or a bunch of paper files — instead of every doctor having all of humanities knowledge at their finger tips on an always connected tablet? Why isn't Watson involved in every diagnosis? Why am I signing […]

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State of Desktop iPadding — the Brooks Review →

juli 31, 2016

Ben Brooks:  When my iPad is resting with one edge on the desk, I experience zero arm fatigue while using the device — no matter how long I use it for. But, having the screen placed that low causes your neck to be looking angled downward the entire time — and no matter what, this […]

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Daydreaming of an iPad-Only Future — the Minimal →

juli 8, 2016

Thomas Gamstaetter:  I am confident that the iPad as it is would hold up just fine as my only device. There are a few crucial shortcomings, though, for which I still depend on my iPhone today. Most of these could be mitigated by incremental OS improvements and a more powerful Apple Watch which I have […]

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Please Rate My App — Amy Worrall'S Blog →

maj 11, 2016

Amy Worrall:  Pressing “No Thanks” to the rating dialog is like refusing to give change to a beggar. Rating the app 1 star because of the dialog is like punching the beggar in the face to try and discourage people from begging. It doesn’t address the reason people are begging in the first place. Nobody […]

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