Please Rate My App — Amy Worrall'S Blog →

maj 11, 2016

Amy Worrall:  Pressing “No Thanks” to the rating dialog is like refusing to give change to a beggar. Rating the app 1 star because of the dialog is like punching the beggar in the face to try and discourage people from begging. It doesn’t address the reason people are begging in the first place. Nobody […]

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8 Days in North Korea — The Startup — Medium →

april 16, 2016

Erick Tseng rapporterar från Nordkorea: Me: So you have an App Store? Minder: Yes. Me: Awesome! Can I see it? Minder: No. Oops! At this point, I was afraid I had crossed one of the many invisible lines in North Korea, and accidentally stepped into an Off Limits Zone. Me: Oh, I’m sorry. Am I […]

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