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augusti 26, 2016

Ben Brooks:

 Why are medical records still pulled up on a large laptop, a desktop in the exam room, or a bunch of paper files — instead of every doctor having all of humanities knowledge at their finger tips on an always connected tablet? Why isn't Watson involved in every diagnosis?

Why am I signing 80 page documents to get a new mortgage (which by the way can't be signed electronically, and must be printed only to then be scanned) instead of just signing on an iPad and being done with it?

Why and how, are school books still a thing? It makes very little sense for a child to go to school with anything more than an iPad and Apple Pencil. They can write, research, study, collaborate, draw, paint, photograph, code, and so much more with less than a couple pounds in their backpacks.

These things are changing, but slower than the rest of the pack. Uber will be shuttling people to and from places without having a human drive those people well before any of those above things change. Kids will still be schlepping text books in self driving cars. Medical records still passed around in folders while robots perform flawless surgery. Loan documents still being signed on physical paper while a machine goes through the house to remodel it.

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