Guides and Technological Pace — the Brooks Review →

augusti 26, 2016

Ben Brooks:  Why are medical records still pulled up on a large laptop, a desktop in the exam room, or a bunch of paper files — instead of every doctor having all of humanities knowledge at their finger tips on an always connected tablet? Why isn't Watson involved in every diagnosis? Why am I signing […]

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Kanye West's Poem About McDonald's →

augusti 22, 2016

Jason Kottke:  Frank Ocean dropped his long-awaited album the other day and to go along with it, he gave away a magazine called Boys Don’t Cry for free at four pop-up locations in LA, NYC, Chicago, and London. Kanye West contributed to the album and magazine, penning a poem about McDonald’s for the latter. Here’s […]

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The Most Popular Product of All Time | Asymco →

augusti 1, 2016

Horace Dediu:  Car model: VW Beetle 21.5 millionCar brand: Toyota Corolla 43 millionMusic Album: Thriller 70 millionVehicle: Honda Super Cub 87 millionBook Title: Lord of the Rings 150 millionToy: Rubik’s Cube 350 millionGame console: Playstation 382 millionBook series: Harry Potter Series 450 millionMobile Phone: iPhone 1 billion The iPhone is not only the best selling […]

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