Joe's Blog » Texting Siri →

maj 13, 2016

Joe Cieplinski:  I have nieces and nephews, and I never see them talking to their phones. They text. Even when they are communicating with someone in the same room. They don’t even want to talk to their friends, let alone their phones. (…) Ride the New York City subway sometime, and then imagine all of […]

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Please Rate My App — Amy Worrall'S Blog →

maj 11, 2016

Amy Worrall:  Pressing “No Thanks” to the rating dialog is like refusing to give change to a beggar. Rating the app 1 star because of the dialog is like punching the beggar in the face to try and discourage people from begging. It doesn’t address the reason people are begging in the first place. Nobody […]

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Why Your Favorite Apps Could Soon Be Black and White →

maj 7, 2016

Darren Orf:  However, we *have *seen pictures of Instagram’s black-and-white test. In addition to abandoning that dated-feeling blue theme in favor of the elegant grayscale, the icons and buttons have been simplified. The design becomes a distraction-free frame, so that your eye is unavoidably drawn to the multi-colored content in your feed. Instagram är i […]

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Radiohead and PT Anderson Collaborate on Daydreaming →

maj 6, 2016

Jason Kottke: Let’s not bury the lede here…Radiohead’s new album will be out on Sunday, May 8th at 2pm ET. !!! The video is by Paul Thomas Anderson for Radiohead’s second single, Daydreaming. Why PT Anderson? Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood did the soundtrack for Anderson’s There Will Be Blood. Söndag? Det är ju snart!

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