8 Days in North Korea — The Startup — Medium →

april 16, 2016

Erick Tseng rapporterar från Nordkorea: Me: So you have an App Store? Minder: Yes. Me: Awesome! Can I see it? Minder: No. Oops! At this point, I was afraid I had crossed one of the many invisible lines in North Korea, and accidentally stepped into an Off Limits Zone. Me: Oh, I’m sorry. Am I […]

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Geek Fitness — The Minimal →

april 15, 2016

Thomas Gamstaetter:  With this in mind, calorie trackers fall short in terms of usefulness. They encourage you to consume packaged foods that have a barcode on them. Unlike fresh foods, these processed foods can be entered fairly quickly via your device’s camera. Och: It’s ironic: calorie trackers support the wrong behavior by matters of convenience […]

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