How can I decide easily? - Quora →

december 14, 2016

Lukas Schwekendiek:  Here’s a trick I learned in one of my social psychology classes that hasn’t failed me yet. It is a very simply mind-trick that forces you to make a decision subconsciously. This trick works a lot better when you have another person around you, but can also be done alone if you are […]

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Above Avalon: iPhone 7 →

oktober 7, 2016

Neil Cybart:  One reason why Apple has no other choice but to get into transportation is that automobiles will end up representing a superior use case for augmented reality. As it stands now, riding in an automobile provides a warped sense of reality. This can be seen by the different perception obtained when driving down […]

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Above Avalon: AirPods →

oktober 6, 2016

Neil Cybart:  It will begin with simply leaving the iPhone at home while taking Apple Watch and AirPods on a run. Then it will expand to being able to leave the iPhone at home when running a quick errand. Soon, the iPhone will become the dedicated device for tasks like watching video and writing emails. […]

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