Twitter nya sök-API inget för tredjepartsappar

november 25, 2014

We’re all just one compelling feature away from leaving our third-party apps on our own. For some of us, this full-archive search will be that feature. What’s next remains to be seen — I suspect direct-message enhancements may be — but I bet third-party clients will lose half of their users within two years without […]

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november 23, 2014

(…)podcasts should be produced in seasons. How a short run of high quality episodes is better than a show that rambles on each week with no end in sight. Exakt min tanke. Speciellt efter att ha lyssnat på Serial. Jag hoppas och tror att fler podcasts tar efter detta. Seasons | Nathan Barry

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november 14, 2014

After a two-year investigation into corruption claims, FIFA found that FIFA was not guilty of any wrongdoing. But the guy FIFA hired to do the investigation for them says that FIFA’s claim of innocence is erroneous. FIFA is looking into that. Fifa. Via: NextDraft

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