iPhone 1.0: the 10Th Anniversary MacStories Review – MacStories →

juni 29, 2017

John Voorhees:

 It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since the iPhone launched. I wasn’t there to review the iPhone when it debuted, and neither was anyone else at MacStories. Ten years ago, the founding of MacStories was still almost two years away, and I was in Adelaide, Australia visiting family.

I vividly remember staying up late in Australia to read the early reviews of the iPhone on the nearly useless WAP browser of my work-issued BlackBerry. I didn’t write about the iPhone then, so to mark the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its launch, I brushed off those old memories and wrote what I would have written in 2007.

Let’s go back in time.

How can I decide easily? - Quora →

december 14, 2016

Lukas Schwekendiek:

 Here’s a trick I learned in one of my social psychology classes that hasn’t failed me yet. It is a very simply mind-trick that forces you to make a decision subconsciously. This trick works a lot better when you have another person around you, but can also be done alone if you are honest with yourself. Here is the process: 1. Name the two choices you have. This is to clarify it in your mind and so that your friend knows it to. 2. Give your friend, or yourself, a coin and decide which choice corresponds to which side. It is important that you agree to doing whatever the coin dictates. This is serious, not something that can be changed later. 3. Flip the coin in the air and place it on the back of your hand with the other hand still covering it. Neither you nor your friend should know the result at this point. 4. Ask yourself would you rather see heads or tails right now? If you have a friend they should be the one asking you. 5. Put the coin back in your pocket without looking what it was. DO NOT LOOK AT THE COIN! This will ruin the trick in future times. You MUST put the coin back without you knowing the result. 6. OPTIONAL: If you do not know what you wanted, look at the coin.** The reason this trick works so amazingly is because it puts pressure on yourself to make a decision now that cannot be delayed.

Your mind will bring forth what you really want as a prevention to regret. Instead of going with purely the logical reasoning you are basing it on intuition which is, in turn, based of the information you have + the feelings about the choice.

Above Avalon: iPhone 7 →

oktober 7, 2016

Neil Cybart:

 One reason why Apple has no other choice but to get into transportation is that automobiles will end up representing a superior use case for augmented reality. As it stands now, riding in an automobile provides a warped sense of reality. This can be seen by the different perception obtained when driving down the road or walking along the same roadway. When walking, much more information and data is obtained. It almost feels like an entirely different road. Accordingly, the automobile will present a perfect opportunity to bring augmented reality to a "room" on wheels. Even AirPods will likely play a role in Apple's augmented reality play. A device that will be able to extract data (sound waves) from the real world will be able to enhance one's surroundings through audible feedback.

Above Avalon: AirPods →

oktober 6, 2016

Neil Cybart:

 It will begin with simply leaving the iPhone at home while taking Apple Watch and AirPods on a run. Then it will expand to being able to leave the iPhone at home when running a quick errand. Soon, the iPhone will become the dedicated device for tasks like watching video and writing emails. Eventually, the iPhone will begin to be treated like an iPad or Mac, serving as the device we turn to for those times we need a more powerful device. All the while, more and more tasks are given to Apple Watch and AirPods.

Throughout this process, Apple services such as Siri, iMessage, and Apple Maps will play a big role in making this transition away from iPhone possible as the very nature of computing tasks are simplified. As third-party developers embrace Apple services in new ways, the way we interact with these services will also change.